Major Trends in India of Android Application Development

While we are all busy checking every new trending app on our Android phone. Do we really know how much time we usually spend each day using various Android Apps? Especially the primary apps that determines most of our life. Well you can guess it if you want to, but anyway i am going to tell you the specific results. In the quarterly conference that held by the Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. He mentioned that the average person usually spends more than 50 minutes per day on Facebook, Instagram and any other chat messenger, but this data is excluding the analysis of the most recognized app in this market(i.e Whatsapp, yes you read it right). On an average, every person sleeps for at least 8 hours, and the rest 16 hours awake using most of the android apps. Isn't it strange? Ofcourse yes it is.

If we checkout the trends and analysis of the constantly increasing Android App Development India, every business owner wants to restructure their industry in the age of mobile app, as it is essential part of our system. With the evolution of smartphones not only it maximizes the growth but also it reaches to the global audience. There are many criterias to always stay upgraded with the latest mobile app trends, so that your app can attract the major part of smartphones users. The app needs to be qualified enough to support the latest technology in the market. The only aim was to upgrade the technology when Android started evolving through the smartphones, but since few years it has developed a million dollar business considering the huge market of Android App Development Company India

Android App Developers India
Android App Development Company India
Embedded with so many features, google android has upgraded from Marshmallow to the most recent 8.0 Oreo. There are more than 3.8 million Android Apps in Google play store which makes it more challenging to the new blooming apps to survive in the mobile app market. Hence, you should be aware of the 5 mobile app development trends 2018.

1. Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence :

Under the mobile app technology these are the big developments for Android App Developers India. Artificial Intelligence enables in intercepting the complex process with the embedded machine learning. Thus, because of that developers can create smart apps for the users. It constantly monitor and understand the human behaviour for the enhancement of the technology. These are some latest trends under Machine learning & AI in Android Application Development Company India.
    1. Deep learning theory- Machine learning helps the computer with the neural structure to emulate the human brain.
    2. Capsule Networks- Helps in maintaining the hierarchical thread with the bunch of capsuled network.
    3. Automated machine learning (AutoML)- It is designed for various business applications which doesn't require any complex programming environment.It can build the machine learning models with AutoML for their business activities.

2. Android Instant Apps

Google has introduced the Instant apps feature, its the technology that lets you develop your own Instant apps by Android App Programmers India. The developers need to provide desired section of the app and it allows the user to connect without installing it. More than 500 million devices supports the Android instant apps feature. It remove all the limitations and provide more convenient way to the android users. As of now, there are only few apps which have the Instant app feature, According to the recent trends, it yields the higher chance of your app to attract the global audience.

3. Accelerated Mobile Pages :

Twitter and Google started it as an open source project with the joint operation. Relatably its the lower version of HTML that helps in creating lightweight mobile pages with super fast loading speed. According to the analysis the web pages built using AMP loads 50-85% faster than other web pages, thus allowing the developers to create complex web pages in light weight version on all the mobile devices. Thus it builds more user interaction with the mobile apps, helping Custom Android App Developers India

With the help of AMP, you will be able to get
1. Advanced search ranking
2. Lower bounce rate
3. Higher CTR
4. Enhanced user engagement
5. Major user retention

4. Internet Of Things:

Iot inventors developed a technology which gives more emphasis on making comfortable environment between users and electronic devices. You can control different electronic devices from your smartphone. Estimately, by the end of 2020 there will be 20.4 billion IoT connected devices all over the globe. To lead the mobile app market, it must utilize the IoT Android App to attract a high users’ attention. 

5. Cloud-Based Android Apps

Just because of higher expectations and demands by android users the Android Coders India have created many features in the mobile apps. All these features cover storage space and make the operating system slow. Thus, they have started moving to cloud based android apps, which helps in optimising the mobile storage. From cloud based apps they can access the data anywhere and anytime. It's more secure than the locally stored apps.