IPhone Vs Android App Development

Android VS iOS
 In the era of 21st Century, it has become evident to compare “Android and iPhone” consistently as they are updated with the scheduled routine. The never ending debate about Android Vs iPhone is something impossible to budge when it comes to take sides. Nowadays, People are much aware about all the features and available technologies in both the standard Mobile Operating systems i.e, Android and iOS. If you are thinking to buy new Smartphone with all the latest updates then you should read this blog.

Generally, in these two independent platforms there is lot more same and lot more different which can make you understand and decide the best Operating System according to the best that suit your needs.

Every platform has qualities in comparison with the other, has its weaknesses as well. And today we’re going to focus on Pros and Cons because it appears as though smartphones users are finally starting to realize how important and crucial this particular understanding is. The appropriate response at last is dependent on the same method — choose the platform that most nearly completes your requirements and needs.

Most of the time there are continuous debates on which platform to build your application first. It has become common strategy, when you are building mobile apps, first to build and expand on one platform, test it and get relevant feedback, create analysis and report and then build on the other. So after comparison on which app platform do you develop on first? Let's discuss some of the Pros and Cons of both the Operating System : iPhone App Development India Vs Android App Development Company India



iOS provides much more stable and exclusive platform for developers which is comparatively easier to use. It is a closed platform where Apple create architecture all of their own hardware and software, enabling them to apply strict guidelines. In accordance with the result, the platform is efficient, quick and responsive, apps are designed in such a way that there is generally less piracy.

In total there are 20 various types of iOS mobile devices as in comparison to thousand Android devices. This results in less contribution in development process of screen size and resolution of the mobile devices. Therefore, development on iOS platform with iPhone Application Development Company India is generally much simpler, easier and quicker as there is necessarily low device fragmentation. In fact, if you want to develop an app compatible with the 3 latest iOS versions will cover approximately 97% of all iOS users.


In iOS platform there are many restriction for the developers, thus it becomes very difficult for the iOS developer to think out of the box, as you are provided with limited set of tools to develop the mobile app. Thus, the development and iPhone App Customization India is limited to the scope of available development tools. Moreover, even though there are iOS framework which you can use to help to create you app efficiently, many of these are legal and licensed and could increase your development costs.

It is meant to be very mature operating system as compared to Android, with predefined standards and rules. All these standards and rules can sometimes make App Store approval very difficult, and it will typically takes around 4 to 5 days for an app to get approved from App store.



Android commands the mobile operating system market, with a 78% market share in 2015 and since there by expanding regularly. Despite the fact that the iOS market share is small, it is still amazingly mainstream and may have the favorable position over Android App Programmers India depending on your target market. iOS, for instance, has turned out to be most prominent in Australia, Canada and UK. Android App Development India, then again, seems, by all accounts, to be most prominent in Asia, and different parts of the world like; Macedonia, Serbia and Panama. Accordingly, your intended interest group is a main factor when deciding on what platform to utilize.


Despite the fact that Android's open licensing has its advantages, the wide variety of gadgets and cycles of the operating framework has brought about a lot of fragmentation. Subsequently, the client experience changes from device to device.

This very fragmented platform represents a genuine test to developers as applications should be improved for some, extraordinary screen sizes and working frameworks, which can essentially build development costs. Because of this fragmentation and the huge measure of testing required, Android development mostly takes longer than iOS.


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